Why does culture matter?

An organization’s culture does more than set the tone for the organization. Culture vitally informs every people practice in your organization, not only how you hire but who, the level of talent that is attracted to your company, and once hired, whether they engaged and productive, are retained and even recruit others to join them.

Reinventure Coaching and Consulting works with executives and HR to create cultures where people are committed to investing their energy while assuming personal responsibility for the results they produce. Organizations may be experiencing breakdowns due to transition, growing pains, or are simply reinforcing and rewarding behaviors that are not aligned with the values of the organization. We will work together to accelerate positive cultural transformation through the alignment of people, process and practice with your organizations’ highest values, which makes all the difference in your organizations’ success.

In addition to communication and partnership with leadership and HR teams, we provide:

  • Cultural Assessments

  • Leadership Development

  • Modernizing ‘relic’ counterproductive processes

  • Converting performance reviews to relevant, research based processes

  • Gap analysis and surveys

  • Communication and consensus building

  • 9 Box and strategic workforce planning meetings

  • Training

Leading organizations are making a difference in their results and how they do business by taking a fresh look at ‘business as usual.” We look forward to providing you with new possibilities that will take you into the future of world at work.

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